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At Just Words Translations we specialize in Hebrew <-> English translation of legal and commercial documents. Our translations are performed by qualified lawyers who are also experienced legal translators. 

We focus on legal translations because it’s what we do best: harnessing our legal training and linguistic skills to provide you with excellent quality translations at competitive rates and reliable turn-around times for any project that we undertake. 

We are passionate about using language well. 

We take pride in providing clear, concise, accurate and easy-to-read translations that are rigorously attentive to details and sensitive to the rich nuances of the source and target languages.

As members of the Israel Translators Association and American Translators Association, we adhere to strict professional standards. Our translations always maintain the original formatting of source documents, unless otherwise requested by clients. We always proofread every document before delivery to the client at no additional charge and all materials are kept absolutely confidential. If required, we are happy to sign an NDA before commencing work on any project.
Expertise, reliability and client satisfaction define our bottom line. We look forward to 
working with you!


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